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Established in 2009 as Profit Share Marketing Solutions and based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia we have evolved to Harvs Bioextracts Australia and are aiming to provide the best possible Australian bio extracts sourced from local and imported plants and herbs. Unlike our competitors who focus on quantity of yield, we provide our customers with quality of yield for the best possible outcome of our extracts. We are flexible to export to most countries and are always open to customize our extraction parameters to provided specifications.

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  1. Plant material is finely cut, crushed, or ground into moderately coarse powder.
  2. Plant material is placed in a closed vessel.
  3. Solvent is added.
  4. The mixture is allowed to stand from 1 day to 1 week and is shaken occasionally.
  5. The liquid is strained.
  6. Solid residue is pressed to recover any remaining liquid.
  7. Strained and expressed liquids are mixed.
  8. Liquids are clarified through filtration or subsidence.
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Harvs Bioextracts Australia
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